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The Leadenhall Building

Leadenhall building front entrance picture

The Leadenhall Building, or Cheesegrater as it is also known, was designed by ROGERS STIRK HARBOUR + PARTNERS with its frontage angled at 10.62 degrees, in order to protect the view of London’s landmarks, such as the St.Paul’s Cathedral.

Because of the design, it has a different structural design from other high-rise buildings. Leadenhall has two structural elements: a superstructure on its perimeter comprising the office floors, alongside a northern support core, which houses all passenger and goods lifts, service risers, on-floor plant and WCs. Office floors are connected to the structural tube at every floor without the need for further perimeter columns.

Products Used


From design to the actual construction, this was a challenging project to deliver. Given the construction site location, off site construction techniques needed to be used as much as possible as there is not enough space on the location.

It was the first time floors from fifth level were assembled rather than poured on site.


Construction Fixing Systems have an extensive experience for supplying components for precast concrete projects. For this project, they delivered well void tubes as well as continuity rebar couplers connecting the concrete slabs to the north core.

Leadenhall Building street view
Facade detail of the Leadenhall Building