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Masonry support installation example

In this seminar, we cover basic principles of masonry support, how to manage costs, fixing design, and specification tips. We first cover the basics including at what point do buildings require masonry support. We then explore managing the costs of masonry support, discussing points such as design considerations, basic design principles, and load impact. In the third part, we review the fixing designs – what affects it and the main differences between using cast-in channels and post-fix. Lastly, we provide practical tips to help specifiers simplify the specification process and help them manage the project successfully.

This CPD session can be arranged in person or as a webinar.

  • Understand the basic principles what is masonry support, does the structure requires masonry support.
  • Understand the drivers behind the project cost.
    • Design considerations.
    • How does load impact the requirements for the amount of brackets.
    • Placement installation.
    • How to determine a brick support level.
  • Understand the basics of fixing design.
    • What affects fixing design.
    • The difference between using cast-in channels vs. post-fix as your fixing method.
  • Practical specification tips – what do specifiers need to know and why to deliver a successful project.

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