Browse our product range based on your application. Choose from fixing systems, lifting systems, masonry facades, precast facades and structural connections.

Fixing systems

Securely fasten precast concrete elements to the structure they are being attached to. We offer both various fixing inserts and cast-in channels which are installed into the precast element and the supporting structure.

Lifting systems

We offer a range of lifting systems designed for safe and efficient handling of precast concrete elements during construction. These systems consist of a set of lifting anchors or inserts, which are embedded into precast elements.

Masonry facades

Our masonry facades support systems are designed specifically to offer the highest performance for building projects, allowing for differential movement between the masonry facade panels and overall building structure.

Precast facades

Choose precast facade fixing systems for the fast and secure installation of prefabricated concrete panels onto load bearing structures consisting of brackets, anchoring, fasteners, bolts and dowel restraints.


We provide structural connections for applications in supported balconies, recessed balconies and prefabricated connectors.


CFS provides void formers to create lead cavities in precast concrete structures such as columns. We also offer a full-strength reinforcement continuity system based on male threaded starter bards joined to female threaded reinforcement steel couplers.


Choose the right product for connecting precast staircases to concrete sear walls.


We offer range of accessories to use in conjunction with precast concrete lifting and fixing systems for safe and efficient handling and installation of precast elements.