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Our process

How we can help you

Phase 1+2

Concept & Design

What we offer
  • Our technical team can support you proactively with design to prepare specifications.
  • We can support you to create AutoCAD designs based on your designs.
  • We can design fixing and lifting solutions in line with your vision.
Phase 3+4

Pre-Construction & Procurement

What we offer
  • Based on your design criteria we can help you generate your list of required parts including lead times.
  • We can help you prepare specifications in line with your design vision, project cost, and sustainability requirements.
  • You can work with us to find the most efficient solution for your application based on your criteria.
Phase 5+6

Construction & Post-Construction

What we offer
  • Our project team will support you to minimise any delays due to lack of materials.
  • We will support you throughout your site activities for any unexpected changes.
  • We can work around your construction plans to ensure delivery in time.

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