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Rotating eye

CFS rotating eye is used to transport precast elements with socket anchors. It is designed for inclined lifting operations up to 90°. It is also our most durable option for lifting operations.

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Applications and features


  • Position tilt-up concrete panels with precision.
  • Control and position large concrete beams and columns during installation.
  • Lifting detailed architectural precast concrete elements during installation.


  • Load capacity: Precast rotating eyes are designed to withstand large load capacities, depending on the weight of the concrete element being lifted.
  • Swivel function: The swivel function of precast rotating eyes allows for precise positioning and alignment of the concrete element during installation.
  • Easy to install: Precast rotating eyes are easy to install and can be screwed into the lifting insert inside the element.

Product variants

Product variants dimensions [mm]
Product variants
Load classDimensions
Profile sizet [tn]
Load group
D [mm]
Metric thread
D1 [mm]
Lth [mm]
Screw in depth
Lengths [mm]
Available lengths
Matching profile
Compatible part
Rotating eyes carry a batch number identifiable to a certificate. The eyes have a marking indicating the load group of the loop.

Approvals and declarations

  • VDI/BV-BS guideline 6205 and the European machine guideline 2006/42/EG
  • CE marked
  • UK/EC Declaration of Conformity with EN ISO 12100:2010


Housing23MnNiMoCrW-4-4-8, from 35t: 30CrNiMo8Flame and induction hardened steel
Eyelet23MnNiMoCrW-4-4-8Flame and induction hardened steel
Link23MnNiMoCrW-4-4-8Flame and induction hardened steel
Balls100Cr6ISO and European EN standard alloy bearing steel grade made according DIN EN 1.3505
PlugS355Structural steel

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