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CFS launches patented facade restraint system

View of Regent's Crecent restrained facade

Having worked with several clients on facade retention projects, Construction Fixing Systems Ltd developed a unique system for facade restraint. Facade retention projects are common where there is a need to preserve an existing facade to preserve architectural heritage. The design was now awarded a patent.

“This product was developed as an answer to our project at Regent’s Park,“ explains Henry Chart, CFS CEO. “In this case, the big challenge was the lack of movement joints in the facade, despite the need to control the brick expansion.”

One of the most technically challenging aspects of this project’s facade’s rebuild was to achieve a historically accurate elevation that employed modern performance requirements while subtly controlling its movement and cracking to very tight tolerances. Movement joints, being a modern concept, were not acceptable on a grade I-listed facade.

“Whilst movement joints are nowadays used in modern construction, they are not possible to be used in grade I-listed facade. However, in addition to the brick expansion, there is also concern about ground-born vibrations due to the proximity to three London Underground railway lines,” explains Iain McLellan, from Studio PDP. “The structural design provided by CFS answered this issue,” he added.

The new patented design consists of channels connected by a bobbin that allows for both vertical and horizontal movement and it doesn’t require movement joints.