glass facade bolts
sled channels and bolt fixings

Glass Façade Fixings

Developed using cutting edge technology, CFS offers a comprehensive range of brackets and fixings for non-structural curtain walls, allowing for secure and safe fitting to concrete structures with cast-in channels.

We design and supply cast-inserts, drill fixings and glass facade weight brackets, thoroughly tested to comply with international standards, in mild and galvanised stainless steel.

The Glass Facade Fixings section of the CFS Products Manual includes:

  • Curtain wall weight bracket fixings for concrete structures with cast-in channels
  • Fixings for metal deck floor structures with cast in channels
  • Fixings for steel structures with welded on steel channels
  • Fixings for steel structures with blind bolts
  • Fixings for concrete structures with Fischer drill fittings
  • Curtain Walling
  • Curtain Wall Glazing
  • Exterior Wall Cladding
  • Weight bracket fabrication
  • Design
  • Site testing
  • Fischer drilled bolt data / FZP undercut glass anchors
  • Delivery service

Our expertise, along with a proven track record in the design and production of innovative and secure fixings for curtain walls, are major factors in the success of CFS within this particular field. All products are developed in strict accordance with international standards and our manufacturing processes ensure a swift turnaround that will meet the time restraints of any project.

Adobe Acrobat Click here to download the CFS Glass Facade Fixings brochure