Precast Concrete Systems

CFS supplies a wide range of innovative and rigorously tested lifting anchors, specifically designed for precast concrete. We employ a variety of fixing methods, including cast-in sockets, curtain walling, curtain wall glazing, and channel inserts, while our design team can produce custom-made panel supports and restraint bracket systems, as well as any other specialist accessory, suitable for all Precast products.

The Precast Concrete Lifting and Fixing Systems section of the CFS Products Manual includes:

Lifting and Fixing Systems      
01 Lifting System Design Criteria Brochure    
02 Threaded Systems for Lifting Brochure Video
03 Fixing Sockets Brochure Video  
03.1 GRC Fixings Brochure    
04 Spherical Head Anchors Brochure    
05 Quick Lift Anchors Brochure    
06 Cast-in Lifting Loops Brochure    
07 Double Wall Lifting Anchors Brochure    
Panel Support and restraint Systems      
08 Cast-in Channels Brochure Software HL Channels
09 Precast Panel Support & Restraint Systems Brochure
10 Precast Panel Suspension Systems Brochure Software  
Reinforcement Joint Systems      
11 Reinforcement Steel Continuity Systems. Heavy Duty Anchors Brochure Video  
12 Precast Wall Connection Wire Rope Boxes Brochure    
13 Staircase Products Brochure    
14 Connections for Precast Beams, Columns and Composite Constructions Brochure Video  
15 Punching Shear Reinforcing Brochure    
16 Well Void Tube Brochure    
Thermal Breaks      
17 Thermal Breaks - AVI Thermokorb Brochure Software  

At CFS we design and develop bespoke products to meet the requirements of individual projects. Our commitment and key to success is to provide the best and most cost-efficient solutions for our customers, without compromising on quality or safety, is the key to our continued success.